Lightly sweetened chai for a spicy world

no ducks were harmed in the making of this chai



our mission

to brew a lightly sweetened chai using only real, organic ingredients. To always brew in small batches to ensure quality throughout the entire process. and to make sure you always drink a perfectly balanced cup of chai.


Our Roots

Sharing a story with a friend or loved one is a time honored tradition for as long as people have been drinking tea. Our story begins with a rainy afternoon and cup of chai that changed our lives forever. From there, Gray Duck was born and the rest is history. See the full story below.


Our chai

It's not a huge secret to what makes a great cup of chai. Quality ingredients, brewing in small batches, and finding a perfect balance of sweet, spicy, and richness. We have a few golden rules we follow to ensure that every cup of chai you drink is crafted to perfection, by hand, by us. Click below to learn our process and our dedication to the craft.